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Posted on August 17, 2017


  • Fixed bug with shopkeeprs taking the wrong amount of an item when being sold.
  • Nightsight will now be removed upon death.
  • Carving a humanoid corpse will no longer produce multiple heads.
  • Lightning spell does slightly less damage.
  • Bankers in Cove will now respon to voice commands.
  • Numerous typo and literature corrections.

Publish 2

Posted on February 1, 2015


  • The amount of ore harvestable from rocks increased by 25%
  • The amount of vegetation harvestable increased by 25%
  • NPC paperdolls can now be accessed through dialogue menu
  • Dueling system with bracket rankings and leaderboards “i wish to duel”
  • Houses will now take 17 days of no refreshment to decay, up from 12
  • Removed the option to be telported to Britain temple upon death
  • Blacksmith can now make metal golden chests
  • Housing rules have been revamped. Lockdown and secure commands. Ability to trade and add friends to house

Graphic Additions/changes::

  • Patched holes in the shield idle animations and stabilized them (being idle and walking had different height levels)
  • Adjusted the boot idle animations
  • Adjusted the helmet idle animations for some directions, covering up hair and moving them forward to look correct.
  • Stabilized the deer mask NW and SE directions
  • Backpack gump corrections
  • Basket realigned
  • Hair corrections to both males and females
  • Pants, skirt, boots, plate arms, plate tunic and plate gorget corrections
  • Sword, mace and crossbow updates

Tough & Tasty Hotfix

Posted on September 6, 2014


  • Corpse carving fixed. Body parts can be cooked with numerous objects. Simply double-click the body part and target a heat source.
  • Blacksmithy menu icons.
  • House placement will now correctly be allowed over chopped trees and some rubble.


Tough & Tasty

Posted on August 26, 2014


  • Humanoid corpses (including players) may now be carved. Upon carving, body parts such as legs, arms, torso and head now produce meat. Meat can be cooked down into jerky. Brains can be salvaged from heads.
  • Fixed several issues with Blacksmithy & Carpentry menus.
  • Shopkeeprs will now correctly restock.


Shaping Up

Posted on August 10, 2014


  • Mobile status and stats bug has been fixed.
  • Vendors will not restock as intended.
  • Various map fixes.
  • Small addition to the Labyrinth.
  • Several gump and art corrections.
  • Harvestables within the world now correctly regrow.
  • Many performance and stability issues fixed.
  • MyFD will now correctly display correct client growth.
  • Several item labels and names corrected.

Draconis & Ilutzio

Return From The Void

Posted on April 11, 2014

Welcome new and fellow travellers!
First Dawn has been inactive for some time due to unfortunate
circumstances in my personal life. That is all about to change!
Witness the return of the pre-alpha marvel free shard First Dawn.
We will be attending to the project daily and working our hardest
to grow our community.

See you all very soon in the once lost realm of Ultima Online!

Draconis & Ilutzio

Publish 1

Posted on March 7th, 2013

Long awaited, Publish 1 is here. Below is a very small list of additions.
Thou will have to experience for thyself the rest.

  • New website theme.
  • Boundaries have been removed, suit up travellers.
  • Many new mobiles have been added.
  • Unique NPC dialogue system, similar to that in the Ultima(offline) games.
  • Most shopkeepers will now realistically close their shops. Some to rest at end day.
  • New placeable houses.
  • In-game days will last slightly longer.
  • Mage armor removed.
  • Magnolia trees are non-harvestable.
  • Weapons & armor click labels now display a small description of their durability.
  • Player vendors added.
  • NPCs might conversate with eachother. Or to thee.
  • Guilds.
  • 40 new spells.
  • Alchemy redesigned.


  • Paperdoll features have been reduced.
  • Game-Window border has been removed.
  • Shopkeeper menus redesigned.
  • Each tree type now has its own graphical stages per growth.
  • All vegetation/flowers have they own harvested graphics. Seperate from how they appear on the ground. (Clumped, bunched and bundled. Realistic.)
  • Skill gump changed to display all skills on one page. The theme takes on its traditional scroll and feather pen.

Reminder, this is only a small portion of Publish 1 notes.

May I Help Thee?

Posted on April 27, 2012

  • Mining will now reveal you if hidden.
  • Handaxe speed and damage somewhat reduced.
  • Mace speed and damage increased.
  • Maces also require 5 less strength to equip (80)
  • Grandmastering Magic Defense will now be acquirable.
  • Kai Xen will only let you summon 1 Corp Wolf at a time.
  • Poker blinds will correctly show below each players name plates.
  • Rocks can no longer be double-clicked to start the mining sequence.
  • Removed stone/item labels from all items.
  • Fixed bug with Frum Tok walking through walls.
  • Backpacks will no longer be removable and fixed a reported flaw involving them.
  • Players who have already removed their backpack will have them replaced.
  • Myndon will now use more spells and be much harder.
  • Myndon and Knights will now drop colored gorgets.


  • Stealth added.
  • Tailoring added.
  • Alchemy added.

The following housing changes are not yet determined to be permanent.
Housing Changes:

  • House doors can now be used from inside without a key.
  • Owners may now lock down items (no secures, no keys)
  • Non-locked down items still DO NOT decay
  • Any locked down items CAN BE STOLEN by using stealing. (this does not apply to overloaded or high weight containers)
  • Contents inside containers may be stolen also.

Additional Changes/Information:

  • Stealth will only require a 5 second delay before using it again.
  • A new addition to the crypt.
  • Robes & Lich’s will be added. (Thanks to Razimus)
  • Nearly all flowers & leaves will be harvestable and go through growth stages similar to trees and rocks.


  • Able to craft Smith Hammers, +20 uses when exceptionally made.


  • Able to craft Hammers, +20 uses when exceptionally made.
  • Dye tub barrels (empty).
  • Bushel (Container)


  • Standard clothing items.
  • Sewing Kit, +20 uses when exceptionally made.
  • Bandages
  • Robes (one will need to find the secrets of its craft first)
  • Dyes – Made from various materials found throughout the world.

Tailoring Dyes:

  • Most dyes will be made from a mixture of potions and/or flowers.
  • Each dye has 1 use.
  • Once used on a dye barrel, the barrel will have a limited number of uses.
  • Dyes will NOT work on armor, weapons.


  • Mortar Pestle, +20 uses when exceptionally made.
  • Heal, refresh, strength, oil, spell vials and armor vials.

Alchemy Spell Vials:

  • These vials will allow its user to instantly cast the vials spell type at no mana cost or skill requirements.
  • Spells: In Lor, In Mani Ylem, Rel Sanct(bless)
  • These vials will require mostly world harvested items and 1 empty bottle per.

Alchemy Armor Vials:

  • Armor vials will turn any plate armor into mage armor.
  • Mage armor grants its user a no-mana-regen delay.
  • The mana-regen-delay bonus will only work if the user has 80+ intelligence.
  • Mage armor has MUCH less armor attributes then platemail and has NO dex penalties.

Primero Mantra

Posted on April 7, 2012
Ormes’ Primero Casino:

  • Located North-East of the Sweet Dreams Inn (Starting location)
  • Rules are that of Texas Hold Em.
  • Currently holds an 8 player table.

Mantra System:

  • You may cast any spell by speaking its Mantra (ie “In Por Ylem”)
  • This is a much more efficient/faster method then using macros with your spellbook.
  • Checks all spellbooks in your backpack (if there is more then 1) for the spell.
  • If you speak of a mantra you do not have the spell for, it will do nothing.
  • Mantras must be correctly spelled with capitals. (“por flam” will not work, “Por Flam” will)
  • You must also not use any other words or spaces while saying a Mantra.


  • Monsters will now drop Por Corp Wis scrolls
  • Kai Xen now correctly only allows 1 summon at a time.
  • Zambia seed drop rates greatly increased
  • In Corp Jux will no longer detonate upon creation.
  • Improved graphical dirt and cobble stone tranistions.
  • New graphical content for Ormes casino.

A New Arrow

Posted on March 9, 2012

  • Archery skill added.
  • Archery currently only uses Crossbows (unused but found in pre-alpha era)
  • Crossbows require arrows either bought from a Bowyer, or crafted with Carpentry.
  • Carpenters unlock the ability to make Crossbows near 85% skill and chance to craft exceptional.
  • Crossbows can NOT be used with shields.
  • Skills menu slightly redesigned, Archery added.

Open Test 2.0a

Posted on February 21, 2012
Additions:Housing: Players will now be able to purchase a house deed from the new Architect (shop behind the bank next to the carpenter)
Housing rules:

  • Placed homes will be fully purchased and not rentable.
  • You may NOT rent a home while you own a placed house, you also may not own a placed house while renting.
  • Placed homes have NO house commands, rules are that of a rental.
  • Locksmiths will provide service to replace lost/stolen placed house keys.
  • There is a 10 second timer to confirm the placement of your home.
  • There are currently 4 types of place-able houses(more to come)
  • Homes have Decay levels, only refreshable by the owner.
  • Upon demolishing your house, a house refund deed for the amount of its deed cost will be placed in your bank.
  • There will be NO trade, add friend, ban or customize options.
  • Placed homes have NO storage limit.
  • Items will not decay inside a placed home.

House Decay Levels:

  • incapable of decay (ageless)
  • no decay (like new)
  • slightly decayed (slightly worn)
  • considerably decayed (somewhat worn)
  • fairly decayed (fairly worn)
  • greatly decayed (greatly worn)
  • rapidly decaying (in danger of collapsing)

Houses will fully decay(and fall) after 7 real world days of no decay if not refreshed.
Opening your house door as the owner will refresh the decay level.
Housing may not be placed in town or on top of items.
Houses must be placed on a flat surface with a 1 tile boarder from any blocking items/terrain.

Mining: The mining system now works similar to trees. Rocks will provide a limited amount of resources.
Once all the resources are used the rock will break down and disappear.
Rocks spawn in random locations around the world.

Bug Fixes

  • fixed issue with town houses not letting previous owners who couldn’t afford rent become eligible to rent again
  • fixed bug with locksmiths not appearing and a typo in speech
  • fixed bug with rentable homes not providing a usable key when its doors are open upon confirming contract
  • fixed bug with communication crystals appearing as “a light” in the vendor menu
  • fixed an issue with character creation not returning the correct stats

There is more bug fixes and changes coming after the evaluation of this patch.

Launcher Update:

  • Fixed a bug with the launcher downloading duplicated files.
  • New launcher skin (rate it!)
  • Added 2 buttons to open webpags to or our Youtube channel.

Gold Rush!

Posted on February 03, 2012

Gold Rush!
  • Fixed door meesage to “That is locked.” when locked from the inside.
  • Skill caps are now unlimted, as intended.
  • Stats may no longer be raised passed 100.

Tree’s & Lights… Thin of day?

Posted on December 21, 2011
We have moved our site and server to an upgraded host.
Due to the move off our old DNS you will need to update the
EnigmaUO Launcher (HERE)

A recent flaw in the launcher that did not allow for cross URL
parsing has been fixed. Current players will not need to reinstall
the First Dawn client itself, just their Launcher (download)
New players can play by going to the Join section from the main page.


  • Tree’s are now harvestable and in a more realistic manner.
  • A tree will eventualy fall to a stump after being chopped at.
  • Tree’s have the following stages: Seed, seedling, sapling and adult.
  • New skills: Carpentry and Harvesting.
  • Carpentry is used to craft numerous containers and furnature.
  • Carpenters can craft fillable buckets that can be used to water a tree.
  • Tree’s that are watered will increase their growth speed.
  • Harvesting is used to gather resources from tree’s.
    (All plantation and certain stone will soon be available to)

  • The construction of Slumon’ Oubliette (prison) is nearly finished.
    (You can find the path just north of The Hammer & Anvil)
    • In-game days will consist of 8 real day hours.
    • Morning will scale from partly light to dark nights.
    • At nights, lights in town will turn on. Occasionally some lights might go out.
    • Certain creatures will spawn and roam town at night.

Updates Nov 30, 2011

Posted on November 30, 2011

Guards will now be much more eager to return to their patrol when being ?baited? or ?kited?.Fixed the issue with being able to attack thru the floor inside the crypt.Communication Crystals Added.Most creatures have a chance to drop gems that can be used to recharge communication crystals.Fireball wand bug with fizzling has been fixed.The bug with players being able to get BOD?s (bulk order deeds) from vendors has been fixed.Plate gloves were never intended, the pre-alpha sleeves worked as both. Knights & guard will no longer drop them.Potions no longer return empty bottles as they are useless.There has been a new addition to the map.You will no longer go criminal for looting any corpse.Oil flasks will last 1 second longer when slipping.Britain terrain touched up. It has never been more beautiful.Upon death you will no longer wear a death shroud.A large quest line will be added, along with interesting rewards.

Updates Nov 30, 2011

Posted on November 30, 2011

This update offers many fixes along with a unique quest line.
Think of this as the main storyline of the shard. We hope it
will be well-balanced and suited for all play styles.
You find the start of the quest line in the Serpent Order hall,
due north of the Sweet Dreams Inn. Talk to ?Randulf? to get started.

  • Guards will now be much more eager to return to their patrol when being ?baited? or ?kited?.
  • Fixed the issue with being able to attack thru the floor inside the crypt.
  • Communication Crystals Added.
  • Most creatures have a chance to drop gems that can be used to recharge communication crystals.
  • Fireball wand bug with fizzling has been fixed.
  • The bug with players being able to get BOD?s (bulk order deeds) from vendors has been fixed.
  • Plate gloves were never intended, the pre-alpha sleeves worked as both. Knights & guard will no longer drop them.
  • Potions no longer return empty bottles as they are useless.
  • There has been a new addition to the map.
  • You will no longer go criminal for looting any corpse.
  • Oil flasks will last 1 second longer when slipping.
  • Britain terrain touched up. It has never been more beautiful.
  • Upon death you will no longer wear a death shroud.
  • A large quest line will be added, along with interesting rewards.

Updates Nov 20, 2011

Posted on November 20, 2011

  • Britannia Homestead ? player house renting. Read more HERE.
  • Guards will now detect criminals if outside a building that contains thy scum!
  • Knights will no longer attack creatures unless aggressed.
  • You can no longer harvest from trees.
  • In Por Ylem spell?s damage has been reduced by 30%
  • Backpacks are now movable. (not player paperdoll/animtions)

    Mention: I am aware of many other bugs and/or inaccuracies that still remain.
    However the changes above were semi-major and required alot of time.
    The next couple days will involve alot more of the minor bug fixes.

    I will be checking players bank boxes randomly, any containers will
    be request to be taken out. You can keep your items, by either renting a
    home or losing them in battle. There is no reason for anyone to have
    this advantage. Containers that were in your bank before the last update
    would remain thus allowing players to place items in them. However
    from now on any item that is being placed in the bank that is not gold
    will be rejected.
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